Thursday, June 4, 2015

Police Shootings

Police are under more and more pressure when it comes to shootings.  Certainly our role is to protect and serve the public rather than shoot them.  Still, police, like everyone, have a right to self defense and should not be asked to take unnecessary risks when trying to provide police services.

Maybe there are some techniques, tactics, or equipment that we could employ that are not widely used in the United States.  How is police work done differently in Western Europe or Japan?  In Japan the police carry guns, but they have a low crime rate and seldom shoot anyone.  Is there something they do differently that we could use here?

Prisons are filled with dangerous criminals, some of whom get all kinds of dangerous weapons.  How do prison guards, who are usually unarmed, deal with armed criminals differently than police outside of the prison environment?  Do they use equipment that we may be able to employ to stop armed suspects, particularly those armed with clubs or knives?  Perhaps some research on the part of police may prove helpful; that's what the SGT Says.

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