Tuesday, June 30, 2015



The suspects spent weeks planning their assault on the bank.  They wore body armor and a lot of specialized equipment.  That equipment included watches to time their robbery, extra ammo, and incendiary materials to burn their car after the robbery.

They functioned much like today's terrorists.  They developed a plan.  They worked out special equipment and weapons to make their plan happen.  They conducted several robberies and got over a million dollars.  They even took drugs to calm themselves so they could stay cool under the pressure of the robbery or police intervention.

Any bank robbery call you get could be suspects just like these.  We think of most bank robbers as single individuals grabbing a few hundred dollars to spend right away on drugs.  That is a dangerous assumption.  These guys were listening to police calls and were prepared for a shootout; are you, that's what the SGT Says?

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