Saturday, June 6, 2015

Use of Force

When you use force on a suspect, call the paramedics to check him out.  Sometimes people die in police custody.  Typically an overweight man, with several chronic illnesses, uses several illegal drugs, acts poorly and refuses to comply with police commands to submit to arrest.

He gets into a fight with the police.  During the fight the police punch him, or use the Taser on him, or pepper spray him.  He struggles, punches, kicks and does anything he can to escape police custody, but eventually he is taken into custody, then to jail.

At some point in the process he dies.  Immediately the relatives, media, activists, and politicians rush to blame the death on the police.  The real responsibility rests with the person who commits a crime that requires police response.  Then it rests on the man who refused the lawful commands of the police.  The police are allowed to use reasonable force and it never looks good to have to use force to take a grown man to jail who does not want to go; that's what the SGT Says.

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