Saturday, July 11, 2015

Getting Hired

"Lots of my friends smoke weed and they never have a problem.  It's legal here and I don't think the cops should refuse to hire me because I use it sometimes.  Lots of cops drink and even get drunk, so they should not refuse to hire because I drink alcohol."

I hear that a lot when I talk to young people about getting hired.  Do you want the job or not?  Do you want to flip burgers for the rest of your live or do you want to be a cop?  It's not about what's fair, or right, or what you think should be done. 

It's about getting hired, getting off probation, getting promoted, and staying on the job until retirement.  That's difficult to do, most cops don't make it to retirement.  Many applicants never get hired.  Many don't make it off probation.  Many don't make it to retirement.  Alcohol and drugs are two of the most common factors in those who don't make it; that's what the SGT Says.

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