Tuesday, July 14, 2015

On Line

How's your Internet status?  Are you on any on line chat groups, or use the Internet for any reason?  Of course you are!  Be aware that some agencies will want your passwords and will check everything you write, publish, like, and send on line.

That funny cartoon, may also be racist.  That picture of your girlfriend, might be pornography.  Think about the information you post and send to friends.  If it is taken out of context, or viewed by someone you don't know, will it make you look bad? 

Do not send nude, suggestive, goofy, illegal, or immoral selfies or photos to yourself or anyone else.  If you would not send it to your mom or your grandma, then don't send it.  If you are sending text messages during work hours, you are not working.  Don't talk about your boss, or your coworkers in a negative way.  All this may be discovered during your background check.  In police work you see a lot of confidential information, we want to know you can keep a secret; that's what the SGT Says.

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