Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Related Jobs

Related jobs to police are jobs that have some relationship to law enforcement, but are not police work.  Animal control officers can sometimes be full fledged police, but more often than not they are not.  Still they respond to emergencies, often carry a gun, make arrests, write citations, and conduct investigations.

Security guards are another good stepping stone to police work.  They wear a uniform, talk on the radio, often drive marked patrol cars, investigate suspicious circumstances, and sometimes even carry guns and make arrests.

What you are looking for are jobs that have similar responsibility to police work, but are not police jobs.  Many of the tasks are performed using transferable skills to police work.  Often these jobs are easier to get the police jobs.  When you get an interview for a police job, you can explain that you have performed some of the duties as a police officer.  It's better than saying you paint houses or bag groceries; that's what the SGT Says.

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