Thursday, July 16, 2015

Report Writing

Look at your reading and writing skills.  Many men who want to be police officers are great in every respect, but they can't write a simple sentence.  Basic English skills are critical to getting hired as a police officer.

Most agencies require a written test as part of the hiring process.  If you cannot read or write well, you are unlikely to pass the test.  If you go to the police academy they will teach you how to write a police report, but they will not teach you English.

If you pass the academy you still have to pass probation.  Police reports have to be brief, accurate, and make sense.  Basic English skill are necessary to write good reports.  I have known many officers that were great at handling calls, but could hardly write a report.  A simple incident should be a quick report and back in service.  Nearly every incident will require some kind of report.  You need to be good at writing; that's what the SGT Says.

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