Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Video and Report Writing

Just because everything is on video now does not mean your report writing skills are any less important.  Video only shows so much, there is much that is missing in video.  Often, just as the interesting things happen, the officer moves or bounces around and we see nothing but shadows, colors, and blurry images.

The video only shows what the camera sees.  The camera does not provide your exact view.  More importantly the camera does not interpret what you are looking at.  The camera will show a man with something in his hand.  The officer will interpret that something as a garage door opener or a handgun.

The video will be viewed in the comfort of an air conditioned room, in total safety. The video will be recorded in the field where anything is possible and bad things may even be likely.  That will greatly change the interpretation of what things look like, how you react to what people do and say.  It's important that your reports include what you saw, how you interpreted what you saw, and how it made you feel; that's what the SGT Says.

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