Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Do you want to get hired by a police agency?  How's your love life?  How responsible are you?  How many times have you been married?  How many women have you lived with, without being married?  How many children do you have?  If you can't stay married, how can you stay on the job to retirement?

Do you make your alimony payments?  Do you pay your child support?  Do you take care of your kids even if you don't have to make child support payments?  Your kids, your responsibility.  If you can't take responsibility for what's yours, how can we expect you to take responsibility for the public?

It used to be that many agencies would not hire you if you had children out of wedlock or were not legally married.  The also would not want you to be divorce more than once.  All these factors weigh into how responsible are you?  Do you make good life decisions?  If you have poor decision making skills, you won't be a good cop; that's what the SGT Says.

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