Thursday, August 6, 2015


Police are being accused of all kinds of bad things.  People are filing false internal affairs complaints.  They are posting incomplete and edited videos on social media.  They are posting false or misleading stories on social media.  They are talking to police investigators and telling them lies.

Police should be held accountable.  Police should perform ethically, and properly.  People should report honest instances of police misconduct.  Officers should be retrained, disciplined, demoted, or fired for evil acts.

People who lie and slander individual police officers should not get away with that activity.  Knowingly posting libelous items on social media, making slanderous reports to police supervisors and internal affairs investigators is usually a crime.  People should be prosecuted for these crimes.  Officers should individually or through their unions when people lie about their job performance.  Often prosecutors have been reluctant to prosecute people who make complaints, so they don't discourage legitimate complaints.  I think things have gone too far in the other direction; that's what the SGT Says.

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