Sunday, August 2, 2015


Police dogs are very helpful.  They are really good at searching large buildings in response to a burglar alarm.  Imagine searching a Wal-Mart store with just a few officers.  A nearly impossible task and it could take hours, you would never really be sure if anyone had been in there.  A dog would do it quickly and better.

What about a dog on a traffic stop?  Sometimes you get someone who does not want to exit their car.  This sometimes happens after a pursuit.  Don't rush up to the car, instead send in the dog.  Using a bean bag or solid pepper ball to break out a couple windows the dog can easily get into the car.

A dog will be really fast and can get in and bite the suspect and even drag him out, typically without anyone else getting hurt.  Always consult with the handler before deploying the dog.  Make sure he is okay with the deployment and that his dog can handle the assignment.  Dogs are great tools; that's what the SGT Says.

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