Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Watch the hands most of all.  It is the hands that hold weapons that can kill.  It is the hands that themselves can be a weapon.  If a suspect has his hands in his pocket, order him to turn around and face away from you before he removes them from his pockets.  If he has a gun in his pocket, he can draw the gun and shoot before you realize what he is doing. 

If you have someone with his hands behind his back, have him turn around and face away from you rather than have him pull them out towards you.  If he has a gun, it is the perfect time for him to shoot you.  Guns concealed in pockets, or in the waistband or in the hand are a common danger.

Drawing a gun from the waistband and firing it takes only a second or two or even less.  With even a little practice that time can be cut greatly.  Can you draw and fire your duty handgun and fire in less than one second?  Two seconds?  You should be able to do that; that's what the SGT Says.

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