Sunday, August 9, 2015

Regular Customers

Every beat has their "regulars."  Those people who are arrested or at least contacted as suspects on a frequent basis.  Often they are homeless, drug users, gang members or associates, and other minor criminals.

Officers tend to view regulars are predictable.  Regulars are no more predictable than any other person.  Has your wife ever surprised you?  Did you mother ever surprise you?  How about your co-workers, did they ever surprise you?

People can be very unpredictable.  The town drunk that you arrested last month, last week, even yesterday that you have responded to again is different every time.  He is as much of a potential threat as any other subject you contact in the field.  Don't relax just because he is a regular.  Many times people one day wake up and decide they are "not going to take it anymore."  Then the regular pops up with a knife or a gun and attacks you.  Don't let your guard down; that's what the SGT Says.

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