Friday, August 28, 2015

Side Handle Baton

The type of impact weapon you carry is irrelevant.  Side handle baton, straight baton, nun-chucks, or any other kind.  The key is that you carry one, and carry it all the time.  The other important factor is to practice with it.

Frequently I see officers on video where things go badly and they don't have a baton on their belt.  They then are forced to wrestle around with people, often on the ground.  Sometimes they have to shoot people they might have avoided shooting if they had a baton.

How often do you train with your baton?  We train with ours at least annually and often twice a year.  I try to train a few extra times at home on my own time.  I carry a hard wood straight baton, but have carried a side handle, in plastic and metal expandable, soft wood straight baton, and nun-chucks.  They all have their advantages, but they are all useless if you don't have them with you; that's what the SGT Says.

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