Friday, August 21, 2015


Does your agency use video?  Who can watch the video and when can they watch it?  If you are writing a report, can you watch the video first to insure all the details in your report are accurate?  Can you watch it if there is a major incident?  How about if there is a complaint about your behavior, can you see the video before you watch it?

How long is video saved?  Is it saved forever?  Is it taped over or otherwise erased at some point?  How secure it is?  Is the video in a location where it can't be tampered with?  Is is someplace where hackers can't get to it?

When can the public see the video?  Do suspects get to view it?  Can anyone walk in off the street and watch video?  Can you make copies of the video for your own use?  What happens if the video is interesting, can it be sold?  Who gets the money? Under what circumstances will it be on social media or television?  Video makes a lot of questions; that's what the SGT Says.

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