Thursday, September 24, 2015

Clock or Bomb?

School officials called the police because a 14 year old boy brought a briefcase to school filled with electronic bits.  They were concerned it might be a bomb.  The boy is a Muslim.  The police conducted an investigation and handcuffed the teen.  The boy eventually said it was a clock that he put together and the boy was released when it was determined the device was not a bomb.

Do you know what an improvised explosive device looks like?  Would you recognize this device as a clock or a potential bomb?  Do you at least realize that explosive devices often have a clock as part of their components?

If you are called to a school and told a boy may have made a bomb, do you handcuff him?  Do you question him?  Do you call his parents?  Does it matter if he is a Muslim or not?  If you don't recognize device as either a clock or a bomb, how do your proceed?  Complex questions with potentially fatal consequences if you guess wrong; that's what the SGT Says.

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