Saturday, September 5, 2015

Gear Inspection

Leather or nylon duty gear should be kept in good repair.  Periodically you should clean it and shine it as necessary.  When you do that, inspect the gear.  Make sure the holster is in good repair.  The holster should fit your gun and should be in perfect condition.

Inspect your other gear.  Make sure the snaps snap and the buttons button.  Having your gear fall out is a serious problem.  Check your chemical weapon.  Most sprays have an expiration date, if not, take it outside to a safe place, shake it up and do a test spray.

Check out your knife.  Make sure it is sharp and clean.  Get rid of the fuzzy stuff in the workings.  Do the same with your handcuffs.  Double check they are not double locked.  Check out your baton, and inspect your ammo.  Empty your magazines, inspect the ammo and reload the magazines.  Replace anything right away that is worn, damaged or less than perfect; that's what the SGT Says.

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