Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Where do you wear your handcuffs?  How many handcuffs do you carry?  Do you carry extra handcuffs in your gear bag?  I work patrol in an urban environment with nearly unlimited back up officers very close by. 

I carry one set of handcuffs on me and several more in my gear bag.  I carry the set on my belt at the front between my belt buckle and my holster.  I don't anticipate that I will ever have to handcuff anyone with my gun out at the same time.  So I can keep my handcuffs on my right side; I am right handed.

I used to wear two sets of handcuffs on my back.  But after wearing them that way for years, and sitting in the patrol car for hours, it was hard on my back.  The cuff cases pressing against my kidneys was uncomfortable and I am sure it was not good for me.  So I moved my gear around and started carrying my handcuffs in front, much more comfortable; that's what the SGT Says.

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