Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Homeless III

The homeless can live in old army barracks style housing.  Platoons of fifty in bunk beds with a wall locker and a foot locker.  They should wear a uniform and be subjected to military style discipline.  They can do all the work themselves as military trainees would do, with a small staff of guards, and medical personnel.

Since they are not criminals, and are only under detention, they don't need a lot of security.  If they escape, then put a warrant out for their arrest.  They don't need guard towers, barbed wire and lots of guards.  They only need a few security staff to keep order and oversee running the facility.

Make being homeless a public offense that requires detention.  Keep them under detention for a few days the first time.  Extend the length of time by 50% or more each time they get taken in for being homeless.  Eventually they might be sent there essentially forever if they can never function in real life; that's what the SGT Says.

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