Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hot Cars

On hot days children and dogs should not be left alone in a car.  This includes police cars.  If you arrest someone on a hot day, make sure they are transported right away back to the jail.  You don't want them to die or have heat stroke in your patrol car.

Police dogs also sometimes die in patrol cars.  Agencies should have air conditioned kennels at the station for the dogs to use on hot days.  If the handler is in the station, he should bring the dog inside where it can cool off and relax.

Dogs don't do well in the heat and every year we lose a couple in a police car.  Canine units need to be configured so that the comfort of the dog is paramount.  The car needs to be modified so that it will not overheat if the officer is away from the car for a while.  The police car needs to be able to run with the air conditioning on for hours.  There should be air conditioning vents in the rear where the dog rides; that's what the SGT Says.

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