Friday, September 18, 2015

Police Unions

Too often police unions act like big public employee unions rather than act like cops.  They support those who will give them the biggest paychecks and the largest retirement and best job security.  They care nothing about law and order, crime and punishment. 

They too often support those who support gun control and who oppose the death penalty; even though many cops are pro-gun and pro-death penalty.  Those big unions send money to liberal politicians who don't like the police and cater to criminals.

Perhaps those big police unions that support Democrat politicians every single election should begin to rethink that support. The Democrat mayor of Baltimore that let the rioters riot. The President of the United States who is silent when police are murdered in the streets for no other reason that they are police officers received the endorsement of those big police unions. While I normally oppose public employee strikes, what would they do if the Baltimore police or the Secret Service called in sick for a week; that's what the SGT Says.

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