Monday, September 28, 2015

Replica Gun

Police responded to a 911 hang up call.  This kind of call can be anything.  Often, it's a mistake.  Someone intends to dial 411 or some other number and when they realize it's the police, they get embarrassed and hang up.  Still, you can't know what has happened until you get there and check it out.

Three officers arrived and were confronted by a man with a handgun at the door, he closed the door on them.  During the course of the incident, the man eventually exited the apartment and pointed his gun at the police.  All three officers fired and hit the suspect.  It turned out to be a replica gun.

The officers gave the man verbal commands to drop the gun, and he refused.  The officers could not help but shoot because his actions would give a reasonable officer circumstances to fear for their lives.  Replica guns typically look very much like real guns.  So do pellet guns, BB guns and even toys can look very real, even from only a couple feet away; that's what the SGT Says.

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