Tuesday, September 1, 2015


One way for agencies to do more with less is to have a Retired Senior Volunteer Program.  This allows old people to contribute time to your agency at little cost to the agency.  They can perform duties that are not likely being done now, or only done occasionally.

RSVP people are screened, tested and trained.  They wear a uniform and drive an agency vehicle, that is marked differently from a police patrol car.  It usually is a retired police car.  Their uniforms should be recognizable, but again different than the police uniform.

Their duties can include responding to report only, non-injury traffic collisions, checking homes of people on vacation.  They can do any non-confrontational police duties that don't involve any enforcement action.  They don't write tickets or make arrests or carry guns.  They can be a valuable and inexpensive tool; that's what the SGT Says.

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