Thursday, September 3, 2015

Two Second Drill

Can you draw and fire two rounds from your duty handgun from the holster, snapped in, with your hand off the gun, in less than two seconds?  The average gun fight takes fewer than three seconds.  You need to fire very fast in order to win a three second event.

This is easy to train to do, an average officer can do this with practice.  First, wear the holster in a position were it is right under your gun arm.  Not in front or behind.  Practice by standing on both feet and facing the target.  Bring your arm up, and unsnap, and grasp your weapon in a shooting grip.  Pull the handgun up and apply slight forward pressure to the front sight against the front of the holster. 

That will allow the muzzle to flip up quickly and bring it into a horizontal position.  The instant the muzzle is free of the holster, punch the handgun forward as you bring your finger into position on the trigger to fire.  The first round should fire just after the handgun is free of the holster and the second while you are still bring up the gun to eye level.  By the third second you should have the handgun at eye level and ready to continue to shoot if the target is still a threat; that's what the SGT Says.

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