Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wheelchair Shooting

"Police shooting of man in wheelchair sparks controversy in US" screams the headline.  The news has become opinion, and inaccurate opinion as well.  The police did shoot a man who was in a wheelchair.  A man in a wheelchair who had a handgun and a man who refused verbal commands to put his hands up.

The man was a career criminal who had a history of violence, attempted suicide, and of resisting arrest.  He was confronted by police after a report that he had shot himself and still had the gun.   The controversy was that the media only told part of the story in many articles.  They failed to mention that a gun was recovered or the man's criminal and psychological history.  

 They also have blown the incident out of proportion as most people never even heard of the incident.  A man in a wheelchair likely has mobility problems, but he may still be able to walk.  A man in a wheelchair may even have upper body strength much greater than the average person because they have to push themselves around.  A man in a wheelchair is often able to shoot a police officer; that's what the SGT Says.

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