Monday, October 5, 2015

Driving in the Dark

People watch you as you drive around in your patrol car.  Your driving should be in conformance with the law whenever possible.  Sometimes when you have to drive in an unusual manner due to an investigative reason, or a tactical reason, keep it to a  minimum.

When approaching the location of a call at night, it can be good tactics to turn off your headlights.  To keep that to a minimum, ask yourself if the suspect might already have you under observation.  It may draw attention to you to turn off your lights, no one intentionally drives around at night with their lights off, except criminals and the police.

Maybe you can stop a little farther from the location and approach on foot.  Maybe you can stop on a side street.  Sometimes you can follow a civilian vehicle to the location and the park quickly before you are seen.  Always weigh the tactical advantage of driving without your headlights on to the driver safety advantage of driving with light; that's what the SGT Says.

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