Friday, October 2, 2015


What kind of gun should you carry?  I know an officer who used to carry a lot of guns.  He carried a patrol rifle whenever possible.  He knew that the rifle was much more accurate than the handgun.  It also was better able to penetrate body armor.

He carried a duty gun of course.  It was .45 caliber.  While there are many other calibers that are just fine for police work, the .45 ACP is the standard against which all other guns are measured.  So why not just carry that caliber?

He carried a back up gun, the same caliber as his handgun. 45 ACP and it had a compatible magazine with the duty gun.  He also carried a derringer as a hide away gun.  It too was a .45 ACP.  His intention was to use it if he was taken hostage.  Always carry in accordance with the law and your agency policy and your training.  Always carry a gun that you have confidence in; that's what the SGT Says.

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