Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Patrol Car

When I take a car out on patrol I often take a quick photo of the vehicle.  One front quarter and one from the opposite rear quarter.  It shows any significant damage to the vehicle.  I also take close up photos of any significant damage.  Anything that looks new gets reported to the watch commander.

I quick inspection of the car is in order.  Headlights, fuel, oil pressure, and tire pressure and condition get a quick check.  I adjust the mirrors before I move the car.  It is hypocritical to drive a police car that has equipment violations.

At the end of the shift I always make sure to refuel the vehicle that I use.  I also remove any trash from the vehicle.  I double check the vehicle to make certain all my gear, baton, go bag and other gear goes back into the station with me.

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