Thursday, October 29, 2015

Running on Empty

Several times in recent days I have read about officers who talk about Israeli police and soldiers carrying guns on duty that don't have a round in the chamber.  Now I have even heard about officers here in the United States who are picking up that practice.

The purpose of carrying a gun with an empty chamber is to avoid having an untended discharge.  This is done because soldiers generally carry their firearm in their hands or on a sling.  Carrying an empty chamber in the military is done because you might reveal your position to the enemy.  Such a revelation might cause the death of many soldiers. 

In police work, the police should be so well trained that they won't have an unintentional discharge.  The other difference between police and soldiers is that our guns are in a holster, we don't have to handle them until we are likely to have to shoot.  An empty chamber in a duty weapon is a bad idea for police officers, that's what the SGT Says.

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