Saturday, October 10, 2015

Shooting on the Move

In this video a man is on an outdoor range shooting at a variety of targets from his left to his right.  He is using a handgun and reloading as needed.  He is doing this while he is walking quickly on a treadmill.
This is an interesting variation on the shooting while walking idea.  It has several advantages over actual walking.  The first is the space needed to shoot this course of fire is not large, he can stay in one place and still "walk" towards the targets.  He is forced to walk all the time and can't stop to reload or to aim.  The targets are all a fixed distance and direction from him, so the shooter can't get too close to the target.
It does require electricity and that's not always available on an outdoor range.  It could be a safety hazard if he falls down with the gun out.  I would have him practice with a blue gun and simulate firing the course and reloading once or twice before I let him go with a real gun.  A used treadmill is not too expensive and this might be a good idea for those with limited space.  Be aware an unintended discharge to the treadmill, especially the controls could bring back shrapnel on the shooter and range staff; that's what the SGT Says.

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