Saturday, October 24, 2015

Traffic Collision

If you drive long enough, you will crash or someone will crash into you.  What do you do at an accident scene if you are involved in the collision?  Stop the vehicle in a safe location.  Notify dispatch even before you get out of the car, you may pass out or otherwise get distracted. 

Determine the extent of injuries and damage; call for paramedics if needed.  Care for injured parties and ask for a supervisor to respond.  Get identifying information from all parties involved.  I like to take pictures of everyone and the vehicles. 

Not just the damage, and not just those injured.  Later they can't claim new damage or new injuries if you have documented in on camera.  Do no apologize nor admit liability to anyone, even your own supervisor.  Just state the facts as you know them.  Get a medical check for even the slightest injury or complaint of pain.  It may turn out to be a major injury and you want it documented; that's what the SGT Says.

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