Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Campus Police

It is not unusual, in California, for junior college and community college campus police to not carry guns.  They sometimes carry OC spray, or batons, but seldom firearms.  They have full police powers, and attend full police powers.  I even know of some agencies that issue CCWs to the officers so they can carry off duty, but not on duty!

Their role was intended to be more in the nature of security guards, rather than police officers.  Their typical day was locking and unlocking doors, and setting burglar alarms.  They reported burned out lights and enforced traffic rules on campus.  It says POLICE on their cars, badges and uniforms.

Today the campus environment is not the safe, placid, worry free place it once was in years past.  Now there are gang members, radicals, and other criminals on campus.  There are neighborhoods around the schools that have gotten bad since the campus was founded.  There are also fears of a crazy gunman and of terrorism.  It's time to arm campus police, that's what the SGT Says.

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