Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cell Phone

I carry my cell phone in my pocket on duty.  In the past, I did not carry my phone on duty, but I have changed my mind about them since then.  The cell phone should be on mute so that it does not give away your position by flashing lights or sounds.

Sometimes the radio does not work well due to any number of reasons.  Sometimes you may need to transmit a large amount of information and it's easier on the phone than on the radio.  Sometimes the radio may be busy with a number of incidents and so by using the phone you keep the air clear.

The cell phone also has a camera built into it.  It can be used to document the crime scene or other evidence.  I use my cell phone almost exclusively for police work.  I don't load embarrassing photos or have a lot of phone numbers programmed that are not work or home.  I think that agencies should even issue cell phones for work use; that's what the SGT Says.

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