Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Chicago Shooting


In this video, Chicago Police respond to a call and one of the officers shot a teenager to death.  The officer fired 16 times in 14 seconds.  Most of the rounds were fired after the suspect fell the ground.  There were several officers on scene, but they did not fire.

The person shot was 17 years old.  According to reports that I have read he was two weeks away from his 18th birthday.  The autopsy found PCP in his system and that he was under the influence of PCP at the time.

He was carrying a knife, when he drew while walking down the middle of a four lane street.  The police ordered him to drop the knife and he did not.  Once he was shot and on the ground, he picked up the knife again.  Although this incident happened about a year ago, there have been few details released so some of this information may be in error; that's what the SGT Says.

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