Monday, November 2, 2015


What licenses and training are legally required by your agency?  Are you in compliance?  Does your agency know if you are in compliance or not?  Meeting the legal standards of police work is a basic minimum that some agencies don't do well.

Most of the time officers have to go to a police academy, but what about continuing education?  Does your state require officers to go back to the academy or go to other classes to keep current?  How often do they require this and who tracks it?  What happens if you are out of compliance?

Nearly all police are required to have a drivers license.  Does your agency check on that after you are hired?  Would they know if you got a few tickets or a DUI, or if your license was suspended?  Do they check?  Just because someone was good when they were hired does not mean they are okay ten years later.  Agencies should do a computerized check of training, driving and criminal history on every officer to insure continued compliance and every few years agencies should update the background check; that's what the SGT Says.

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