Saturday, November 7, 2015


Two police officers were involved in a pursuit and shooting of a man and his six year old son.  When the pursuit ended at least the two officers opened fire on the stopped vehicle.  The child was killed and the driver was injured.  No weapons were found at the scene.  After 72 hours of investigation, two officers were arrested.

The police have released very little information about the nature of the pursuit, the reason for the pursuit, or why the officers thought they needed to shoot the two people in the vehicle.  In general, officers should only shoot in the defense of their lives or the lives of other innocent persons.

The conclusion of a pursuit can be a very traumatic experience.  Officers get excited, worked up, even angry.  It is important for officers to control themselves and for supervisors to control their officers.  Shooting into an occupied vehicle with a child inside is very dangerous and ill advised unless there are very good reasons to do so; such as receiving fire from the driver.  Still, officers are responsible for every round they fire; that's what the SGT Says.

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