Monday, January 25, 2016

Spike Strips

Spike strips are of very limited value.  They are good in theory, but in practice they often don't work.  Takes too long to deploy. You have to be in front of the suspect vehicle. Nothing to protect the officer from being run over. 

The spikes only cover one lane. Try it on the freeway in LA. Too dangerous, too limited in use. Spike strips also don't always work, even when the car drives over it.  Blowing out the tires can also cause the suspect to continue on the rims, rather than stop.

We need a way to kill a car engine from patrol car that is behind the suspect vehicle. Sort of a car Taser.  A device that would overload and stop the vehicles electric system would be a great tool.  The car engine would simply stop running.  The suspect would not lose control, and could not continue; that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...


Until they can figure out a way to make a PORTABLE short-range (and UNI-DIRECTIONAL) EMP generator, it's gonna be tough to disable a car on the fly without putting occupants and officers at-risk.
The benefits of such a device far outweigh ANY liabilities (if you can find any).
Oh, and the pursuing cruiser will have to be shielded well enough from the pulse.

Carry on & roll safe out there.

Mike Creek said...

I think something like a Taser that shoots barbs from the front of the patrol car into the rear of the suspect vehicle, and then using the metal of the suspect vehicle to conduct electricity from the police car to zap the engine. I am not an engineer but it seems like something along those lines could work. Pursuits are dangerous and anything to help stop them is helpful.