Monday, February 4, 2013

People Control

In general when speaking in an official capacity the police should tend to stay away from partisan political discussions.  There are times when the discussion has to do with matters that directly impact the police and so their can be times when it is important to speak out.  Police officials should support the death penalty for murder.  They should support laws that make our communities safer places to live.  They should oppose laws that might make some people feel good.  Most gun control laws fit that profile.

Rather than regulate the acts of people who are doing anything illegal, why not go after those people who do crimes?  Possession of an assault rifle should not be illegal.  Use of an assault rifle in a crime of violence, double the penalty.  Possession of an automobile should not be illegal.  Use of an automobile in a crime against a person, murder, rape, robbery, double the penalty.

We need better laws and better resources to control our mentally ill population.  It used to be easier to keep them locked up where they could not harm anyone.  Now there are dangerous and violent mentally ill people roaming the streets.  Everyday we read about someone being attacked by a mentally ill person.  Law enforcement is only one part of the treatment of mentally ill people.  If we could only have the other parts hold people in custody until they were safe to be around others, it would make every ones life better; that's what the SGT Says.

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